Portable compressors – MOBILAIR

Portable compressors - durable, dependable and efficient

MOBILAIR portable compressors from KAESER always impress with their exceptional versatility and dependability. The range extends from 1 m³/min (27 cfm) all the way up to 48.1 m³/min (1700 cfm)

Whether mobile or stationary, powered by combustion engine or electric motor – these portable powerhouses can be specifically adapted for any application, thanks to a multitude of available equipment options. 

Portable compressors are well equipped for the demands of heavy-duty, continuous operation in construction site environments. They also perform reliably and safely, even under harsh climatic conditions. A durable polyethylene enclosure (availability dependent on model) makes MOBILAIR units especially rugged and ensures excellent value retention. Portable compressors are simple to operate and enable excellent accessibility to all maintenance-relevant components, which means all service work can be accomplished efficiently. 

Your benefits: 

  • A dependable, continuous supply of compressed air 
  • Long-term availability of genuine spare parts 
  • Easy service access

Portable compressors with or without CE conformity

Portable compressors with CE conformity for the European market

All MOBILAIR portable compressors for the European market are designed to deliver more compressed air with lower emissions. Our portable all-rounders with CE conformity are equipped with drive engines that comply with EU Stage V emissions standards. KAESER has long been a leader when it comes to environmental protection. Wherever an electricity supply is available, our electric portable compressors demonstrate their superior strengths by operating completely emissions-free. Their ultra-quiet electric drive guarantees access to low emission and noise protection zones.

Portable compressors for non-regulated markets without CE conformity

KAESER offers portable compressors without CE conformity for non-regulated markets, optionally equipped with engines capable of running on diesel with a high sulphur content, as well as operation in extreme ambient temperatures, high humidity levels and installation altitudes up to 4500 m above sea level. MOBILAIR portable compressors are well equipped to face the gruelling continuous operation in harsh conditions and they also perform
reliably and safely in environments with tough climatic conditions. 

Portable compressors for countries with EPA requirements (Canada & USA)

Our MOBILAIR portable compressors for the US and Canadian market are compliant to EPA requirements. With diesel particulate filters and SCR systems, the US and Canadian MOBILAIR versions are compliant to the TIER 4 Final emission standards.

Worldmap showing countries with or without CE/EPA conformity
KAESER portable compressors are available wherever you need them. Kaeser offers MOBILAIR units with CE conformity for the European market, units for non-regulated markets and specific versions for the US & Canadian markets.

An overview of our portable compressors

e-power up to 25 m³/min (885 cfm)


With electric drive, perfect for operating inside tunnels, excavation pits and buildings

  • Quiet and emissions-free
  • Can operate in green and noise protection zones
  • Gauge working pressure up to 15 bar / 215 psi

Small compressors up to 1.6 m³/min (57 cfm)


Versatile, dependable and easy to manoeuvre – ideal for operating air hammers, impact moles and much more

  • Durable PE housing
  • Minimal footprint
  • Gauge working pressure up to 15 bar / 215 psi

Compact compressors up to 6.6 m³/min (230 cfm)

Compact portable compressors from Kaeser Kompressoren

Convenient portable compressors, fit for winter operation

  • Easy to manoeuvre, in traffic and on construction sites
  • No more compressed air devices freezing up
  • Gauge working pressure up to 14 bar / 200 psi

Versatile portable compressors up to 10.6 m³/min (375 cfm)

M100 – Portable compressor

The all-rounder for construction site applications

  • Optionally available with generator
  • Optional compressed air treatment
  • Gauge working pressure up to 14 bar / 200 psi

Portable compressors with diesel engines up to 48.1 m³/min (1700 cfm)

M255 portable compressor

Diesel-driven powerhouses 

  • Simple operating concept
  • Optionally available with TELEMATICS
  • Gauge working pressure up to 14 bar / 200 psi

Portable oil-free compression up to 45.8 m³/min (1600 cfm)

The M500-2 compressed air giant for refineries and large industrial companies

The new compressed air giant: the M500-2 for refineries and large-scale industrial operations

  • With innovative control
  • Highly effective deployed as a standalone unit or within an existing station
  • Maximum energy efficiency even after years of continuous use

Tools and accessories

Compressed air tools and accessories

Breakers, hammer drills, connecting hardware and accessories

  • Tools achieve maximum efficiency through perfect matching with the individual compressor
  • Quiet operation, low vibration
  • Effortless drilling through rock and concrete

Innovation, ex-works – MOBILAIR portable compressors are Made in Germany and manufactured in Coburg (Northern Bavaria). Equipped with the very latest technology, the recently modernised portable compressor plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a TÜV-certified sound testing area for free-field sound level measurement, a complete powder-coating facility and efficient manufacturing logistics. 

Always the right answer – KAESER can offer the perfect portable compressor for every need, no matter where and how quickly compressed air is required. KAESER has set itself the task of always to being able to find the best solution for every individual compressed air requirement. This means that there are virtually no limits to the possible applications. Even a last-minute requirement for compressed air bridging in an industrial operation poses no problem at all. 

Unlimited applications – Kaeser MOBILAIR portable air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and pressures and are suitable for many applications. These include: sandblasting, pavement breaking, and general air tool use. Their extensive options allow customization to meet virtually any demand. Units are ideal for rental houses, repair trucks, and municipalities. From compact, go-anywhere units which can be manoeuvred onto a transporter by hand, to powerful all-rounders equipped with lifting eyes as standard. Options such as forklift pockets or stationary versions equipped with skids or machine feet simplify transportation, making them the perfect choice for any operating location.  

Portable compressed air around the world – KAESER benefits from a dense service network all across the globe, thereby guaranteeing operational reliability for all systems. The KAESER network offers you the service and support you need. We’re here to make sure you always achieve your objective as quickly as possible.