KAESER FILTER series, 35.4 - 336.3 m³/min

Reliable purity for high flow rates

KAESER FILTER products are the key components for supplying compressed air of all purity classes as per the ISO 8573-1 standard. The extremely low differential pressure is the result of efficient filter elements and filter housings with generous nominal widths. Both steel housing sides are coated and painted, providing a clean filtration environment and also ensuring a long filter housing service life.

  • Flow rate 35.4 to 336.3 m³/min
  • Max. working pressure 16 bar
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C

Your advantages

  • Standard-compliant purity:
    The KAESER FILTER range uses modern deep-pleated filter media to remove particles and aerosols. A highly effective carbon fibre mat traps oil vapours. The impressive performance data of KAESER FILTER products have been determined in accordance with ISO 12500 and confirmed by the independent German "Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e. V.” (IUTA) testing agency.
  • Minimal pressure loss, maximum savings:
    KAESER FILTER products feature generously dimensioned housings and filter surfaces, innovative flow dynamics and high-performance filter media. They feature up to 50% lower pressure loss than other available filters – a value which remains virtually constant over the entire service life of the filter element. This means lower costs and CO2 emissions as well as reduced load on upstream compressors.

  • Service-friendly design, straightforward handling:
    KAESER FILTER products feature a corrosion-resistant steel housing and a stable filter element. Threaded rods and positioning guides ensure rapid element replacement and reliable sealing of filter elements. KB and KE coalescence filters are equipped as standard with the electronic, level-actuated ECO-DRAIN 31 F Vario condensate drain.
The perfect partner: the AQUAMAT oil/water separator
AQUAMAT condensate treatment system

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Product details

Minimal pressure loss, maximum savings
KAESER FILTERS: Minimal pressure loss, maximum savings

Life-cycle cost savings

Pressure loss is the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of compressed air filters. KAESER FILTER products feature generously dimensioned housings and filter surfaces, innovative flow dynamics and high-performance filter media. These features result in up to 50 % lower pressure loss in comparison to other typically available filters. Moreover, this outstanding filtration performance remains virtually constant throughout their entire service life. This reduces the load on upstream compressors, thereby offering the potential for significant reductions in costs and CO2 emissions.

Want to find out more about how Kaeser is cutting life-cycle costs?

High particulate retention capacity
Consistently lower operating costs thanks to KAESER filters.

KAESER FILTER products demonstrate a lower pressure drop right from the outset compared to other typically available filters on the market. Moreover, the pressure drop remains low for much longer thanks to the high particulate retention capacity. 

The result: low operating costs over the long term. The annual maintenance of particulate and coalescence filters mitigates age-related risks and ensures maximum compressed air purity.

Pure compressed air for every application
Degree of filtration KB coalescence filter, Basic KE coalescence filter, Extra KD particulate filter, Dust KA activated carbon filter, adsorption KBE Extra combination KEA Carbon combination
Initial differential pressure with saturation < 0.15 bar < 0.2 bar < 0.06 bar (new, dry) < 0.06 bar (new, dry) < 0.2 mbar < 0.26 bar
Aerosol content at inlet 10 mg/m³ 10 mg/m³ 10 mg/m³ 10 mg/m³
Residual aerosol content at outlet as per ISO 12500-1:06-2007 < 0.1 mg/m³ < 0.01 mg/m³ < 0.01 mg/m³ 0.003 mg/m³ (total oil content)
Filter medium Deep-pleated with support structure and polyester drainage fibre Deeply pleated with supporting structure High-efficiency carbon fleece
Application Filtration of solid and liquid aerosols and solid particles Same application as KB, but for higher compressed air quality; alternatively: Micro-particle filter to KD degree of filtration Exclusively for the filtration of solid particles Exclusively for the removal of oil vapours Combination of KB and KE; application as KE, but for higher assurance of compressed air quality Combination of KE and KA, filtration of aerosols, solid matter particles and oil vapours
Design and Function
  1. Compressed air inlet
  2. Connection flange, inlet
  3. Element thread with positioning aid and flow distributor
  4. Filter element
  5. Compressed air outlet
  6. Connection flange, outlet
  7. Lifting eye
  8. Receiver, coated and painted
  9. Receiver cover
  10. Angle ball valve, rotatable
  11. ECO-DRAIN 31 F Vario
  12. Condensate outlet
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: