Desiccant dryers

From frost protection to high-tech applications

Kaeser desiccant dryers achieve pressure dew points as low as −70 °C. Enjoy reliable anti-frost protection for your control valves and lines and compressed air drying for sensitive processes at minimal cost – thanks to high-quality compressed air filters fitted as standard and efficient energy-saving controllers. Aluminium oxide desiccant ensures maximum operational reliability.

Heatless regenerated desiccant dryers are perfect for supplying low compressed air requirements and units from 12.0 m³/min can also serve as reliable redundancy systems for our extremely efficientHYBRITEC combination dryers.

For compressed air requirements of 17.6 m³/min and higher, our heat regenerated desiccant dryers feature efficient and space-saving unit design.

An overview of our desiccant dryers

Heatless regenerating, 1.17 - 154.53 m³/min

DC 12 – 133 heatless regenerating desiccant dryers

Reliably low pressure dew points, even at high ambient humidity

  • Pressure dew point to -70 °C
  • Optional energy-saving ECO CONTROL controller
  • Extraordinary ease of service and durable unit design

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Heatless regenerating, 1.17 - 154.53 m³/min

Heat-regenerating, 17.6 - 194.2 m³/min

HYBRITEC combination dryer

Our most efficient desiccant dryer, with minimal installation space requirements

  • Pressure dew point to -40 °C
  • Regeneration using external, heated ambient hair
  • Equipped as standard with efficiency-enhancing heat insulation; if desired, with energy-saving ECO CONTROL DW controller

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Heat-regenerating, 17.6 - 194.2 m³/min