Heatless regenerated desiccant dryers from 1.17 to 154.53 m³/min

From frost protection to high-tech applications

Desiccant dryers in the DC series can lower the pressure dew point of the compressed air to -70 °C. They combine reliable system design, high energy efficiency and extremely low maintenance costs. Enjoy dependable frost protection for your control valves and lines while producing dry compressed air for sensitive processes at minimal cost.

  • PDP to −70 °C
  • Flow rate 1.17 to 154.53 m³/min
  • ECO CONTROL 2 with innovative, trend-detecting pressure dew point control
  • Can be optionally coupled to an ACT activated carbon adsorber, for technically oil-free compressed air to meet the strictest requirements

Your advantages

  • Reliable and compact:
    DC dryers feature high-quality components, water-resistant high-performance desiccants and generous fill levels. All models are installed on a rugged, space-saving frame.
  • High efficiency – low pressure dew points:
    The radial arrangement of the inlets and outlets permits an elongated tank design with compact dimensions, creating highly efficient airflow conditions for energy-efficient drying. The large-bore pipework and the efficient KAESER FILTER limit the pressure drop across the DC dryers to a maximum of 0.2 bar.
  • Low-maintenance design:
    Thanks to the high-quality components, e.g. the valves, and the large desiccant tank, we recommend a full overhaul only every five years. This is also easy on the wallet, because the overhaul of a DC series dryer is a quick and easy process – and time is money.
The perfect partner: the AQUAMAT oil/water separator
AQUAMAT condensate treatment system

Our tip: Take advantage of cost-effective, legally-compliant treatment of condensate before drainage into the regular wastewater system with AQUAMAT oil/water separators.


Product details

Combination with activated carbon adsorbers
Combination of a desiccant dryer with activated carbon adsorbers.

Available in sizes from DC 12 upwards, DC dryers are equipped with an ACT activated-carbon adsorber that is precisely matched to meet dryer capacity. This enables production of oil-free compressed air that meets the highest quality standards (ISO 8573-1 Class 1 residual oil content). The frame construction (up to DC 133) makes it easy to connect the ACT activated carbon adsorber

ECO CONTROL 2 – Trend-detecting dew point control
ECO CONTROL: Trend recognition dew point regulation
  1. Temperature sensors

The ECO CONTROL 2 controller saves considerable energy especially with variable flow rates, pressures or temperatures. The dew point trend recognition control is more cost-effective and secure than conventional dew point controllers since it reacts to changes in the desiccant temperature differential instead of responding only when the pressure dew point at the dryer outlet increases. New measurements and relative temperature differential comparisons are carried out for each new cycle. As chamber switch-over occurs only after the desiccant has been used to its full potential, the adsorption phase can be extended by up to 30 minutes, based on workload, to save purge air. 

Key benefits

  • The Kaeser system not only makes a costly pressure dew point measuring device superfluous,
  • but also eliminates the associated regular calibration and maintenance costs.
  • Unlike dew point measuring devices, temperature sensor functionality can be easily checked thanks to reliable open circuit monitoring.
Life-cycle costs of conventional dryers compared to DC series
Life-cycle costs of KAESER desiccant dryers compared to conventional desiccant dryers.
  1. Investment
  2. Maintenance materials
  1. Regeneration
  2. Savings potential

DC series desiccant dryers from KAESER achieve extremely low life-cycle costs. The costs for regeneration and maintenance materials are significantly higher for conventional models using molecular sieve filling. In the case of a 10 m³/min dryer, purchasing a DC series model can net potential savings of up to € 90,000 over a 10-year period. Furthermore, DC series desiccant dryers require significantly less maintenance.

Technical specifications