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PT Indo Kompresigma is a fully integrated member of the worldwide KAESER organization, and solely responsible for the marketing, sales and services of all Kaeser products in indonesia.


A family-owned company, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the world's leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air products and services. Established in 1919 as a machine workshop, Kaeser currently has two manufacturing sites in Germany. The company employs approximately 6000 people worldwide.

About the company
PT Indo Kompresigma

Our most important division is our service department, a fast responsive department equipped with well-trained mechanics and a fleet of service vans and backed-up with a complete stock of parts. Our service department is also supported by high-tech equipment for preventive maintenance which among others can detect an ailing bearing long before it fails, thus preventing high costs. It leads to an uninterrupted supply of compressed air which is very Important for the manufacturing process.

Next is our consulting service department which can design the best layout for a complete new compressor station, including pipelines, ventilations, etc, for new installation or to improve existing ones. A modern CAD (computer Aided Design) system makes it possible to present these designs fast and even in 3-dimensional drawings.


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Designing an efficient compressor installation, is part of our daily work. Supported by computerized design software developed by Kaeser, our project department can design the best possible compressor room, or advise and design improvements on existing installations. Just give us the dimensions of your compressor room and we will do the rest. We will also analyze the pattern of compressed air consumption.


Maintenance service contracts & 24 hour service

Kaeser - Service - Indokompresigma

Beyond the warranty period, you also have the option of continuing our maintenance service through a maintenance contract. Let us take care of the maintenance, to keep your equipment healthy.

Qualified technician and complete work-shop facilities


We provide well-trained technicians and fully-equipped service vans with tools and spare parts that transport our service engineers to your place for on-site repair and our extensive service network across major cities throughout the Indonesian archipelago provides fast access to our customers.

Free installation advice, start-up & commissioning

Our technical experts of our project department, will give you the best advice concerning the compressor selection and installation most suited to your plant by using advanced computer-aided design(CAD) systems. In addition, we will assist with the start-up and commissioning, without sending you bills. A thorough inspection prior to the initial start-up will enhance the product lifetime and performance.

Full stock of spare parts


Guaranteed 15 years fast supply of original spare parts for screw compressors and the prompt delivery of urgent spare parts for all KAESER compressors and related equipment.

Training for users


We offer a complete service from consultancy and planning to maintenance and customer training, while working in close cooperation with our customers at every phase. For example, during the first year our service engineers will handle the maintenance of your compressors free of charge while simultaneously training your operating staff. After this you can continue to let us do the service by taking a maintenance contract, or let your own staff take care of the regular maintenance and call us for larger service or repair jobs.


Analyzing air demand

Only 4% reduction of the energy consumption will pay for your complete compressor investment.The first contributor is of course selecting the most efficient compressor. Several elements in efficient compressor can reduce the energy costs up to 20%,
for example :

  • Eliminating idle or No-Load running of the compressors (during idling they still use 30% electricity)
  • Reducing leakage in the piping network (often 5-10%)
  • Reducing pressure drop over the pipe lines and accessories
  • Eliminating pressure swing (3-6% saving)

We can connect our analyzing equipment for a period of one week or longer to all elements of your compressor installation. After this, we download all the collected data and Kaeser analyzing software will show a complete report of all items which can be improved.

Detect piping leakage

Piping Leakage - Indokompresigma

Compressed air is expensive, so don't waste it. Small holes together amounting to 10 mm already leak 6 m2/min of your expensive compressed air. Meaning that only to compensate for these losses about 37 kW compressor capacity has to run continuously. That is why we have invested in an ultrasonic leakage-detecting device, which will detect all leaks without having to halt your production. The service is done for an hourly charge and can be done for any kind of compressor installation

Analyzing particle, oil, and water content measurements

  • Particle content measurement in compressed air
  • Oil content measurement in compressed air
  • Pressure dew point/water content measurement in compressed air

KAESER – the company

Insights: The KAESER company

What makes KAESER tick: who we are and how it all started – from 1919 to the present.

KAESER worldwide

KAESER worldwide – The international compressed air systems provider

Compressed air technology is global – and so are we.



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Kaeser Kompressoren SE

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN offers products, services and complete system solutions to supply compressed air to manufacturing and working processes.

Our solutions combine products to produce and treat compressed air with comprehensive analysis and consultation. Our goal is to achieve optimal availability and an advantageous total cost of ownership for our customers.

Kaeser has been in business since 1919 and is now among the key global players in its market segment. Kaeser is active in more than 140 countries around the world through local offices and exclusive partners.

For information on the latest developments, our products and other news from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, visit the Press section.

We have approximately 7000 employees around the world and are always looking for qualified personnel. Get to know us and start your career with KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.