Rotary screw blowers up to 250 kW

Unrivalled energy savings – uncompromising efficiency

The future has arrived in low pressure sector: Kaeser innovations such as the world-renowned SIGMA profile rotors offer efficiency gains of up to 35 percent! These reliable performers, which are built for toughness and continuous, trouble-free operation, also ensure maximum savings when it comes to commissioning, operation and maintenance.

  • High-efficiency and low-maintenance blower systems – dual shaft SIGMA blower blocks
  • Optionally available with Y/D starter (STC) or frequency converter (SFC)
  • Plug-and-play complete solution with power supply equipment, SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller and factory-adjusted belt drive; pre-filled with oil.

The new rotor technology benefits customers in the areas of municipal and industrial waste water treatment as well as flotation and fluidisation, where blowers are in constant operation. This makes energy efficiency a key factor.

Your advantages

  • Maximum efficiency of the entire machine:
    The combination of SIGMA Profile rotors, optimal motor-to-blower power transmission and minimal pressure losses for all components ensures exceptional all-round efficiency.
  • Minimal pulsation in the connected process piping:
    Special silencers covering a wide frequency range significantly reduce machine and piping sound.
  • Minimised downtime:
    Highly durable components ensure reliable operation. The smart design eliminates the need for auxiliary devices (e.g. for sealing or cooling). Numerous sensors allow remote monitoring of operating status.
Economical – thanks to low life cycle costs
Life-cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach guarantees optimal return on investment: Outstanding energy efficiency and maximum compressed air availability combined with a rapid response global service and support network.


Product details

Control and monitoring for greater efficiency
SIGMA CONTROL 2 blower controller.

The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient blower control and system monitoring at all times. Numerous interface options enable quick and easy communication, allowing messages or setpoints and actual values for process variables to be easily connected and displayed. The SIGMA CONTROL 2 supports connection to all of the communications technologies in common use today. In the event of a remote control fault, the controller switches over to automatic mode or manual operation, whilst keeping the process in operation.

Guaranteed performance data
Guaranteed performance data in accordance with ISO 1217.

To ensure that the projected savings are actually achieved during operation, KAESER quotes effective overall power consumption figures, as well as the usable flow rate, in accordance with the stringent tolerances of ISO 1217, Annexe C or E (as applicable).

Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure:

Wastewater treatment plant in the town of Kitzingen
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