Heat regenerated desiccant dryers from 17.6 to 194.2 m³/min

Space-savers for high flow rates

The compact heat-regenerated desiccant dryers of the DW series deliver reliable drying performance down to a pressure dew point of −40 °C whilst also featuring generous fill levels of innocuous aluminium oxide desiccant. Desiccant regeneration is performed with externally heated blower air using the highly efficient reverse flow process. This boosts operational reliability whilst cutting operating costs.

  • PDP to −40 °C
  • Flow rate 17.6 to 194.2 m³/min
  • Optionally available with ECO CONTROL DW dew point control

Your advantages

  • Highly energy efficient:
    DW-series desiccant dryers take advantage of the efficient reverse flow regeneration process and are additionally equipped with high-quality heat insulation.
  • Reverse flow process with safety buffer:
    DW dryers use activated aluminium oxide desiccant – a water-resistant material with extremely high mechanical stability. The generously dimensioned desiccant fill level constitutes an emergency operation reserve in extreme situations.
  • Cost-effective transport:
    DW dryers feature significantly lower height compared to competitors' models, which allows for straightforward transportation of all DW models by truck (articulated lorry).
The perfect partner: the AQUAMAT oil/water separator
AQUAMAT condensate treatment system

Our tip: Take advantage of cost-effective, legally-compliant treatment of condensate before drainage into the regular wastewater system with AQUAMAT oil/water separators.


Product details


Factory-installed insulation and filters

  • Heat insulation and pre- and post-filters are optimally matched to the dryer
  • No more compatibility problems with connections of different nominal size

Stainless steel flow distributor

  • For especially even flow along the desiccant bed

Premium components

  • "Made in Germany" industrial quality
  • Extra long-lasting desiccant chamber
  • Heating and valves designed for long service life

ECO CONTROL DW dew point control (optional)

  • For energy consumption only as needed and maximum energy savings
  • Includes a floating contact for "High pressure dew point" message
  • Pressure dew point indicator

Remote control (optional)

Allows the unit to be switched on and off by a master controller. The usage status of the remote function (active/inactive) is reported via a floating contact and displayed on the unit.