KAESER supplies compressed air for C.A. within the framework of a contracting agreement. Picard.
C.A. Picard

No stress sheet metal for manufacturing.

KAESER supplies compressed air for C.A. within the framework of a contracting agreement. Picard.

Picard uses high volumes of compressed air to produce hard-wearing tools and extruder technology. The contracting agreement with Kaeser is a highly cost-effective procurement option.

C.A. Picard in Remscheid-Hasten is renowned for the manufacture of durable machine-tool components for the lime sandstone industry and for foundries. Others products include stamping tools with unique properties and wear characteristics and press tools for the electronics industry.

It’s all about “zero stress”. The supplied sheets, which come as plates directly from the rolling mill, must first be relieved of the inevitable tension induced by the rolling process. And that requires compressed air. Which in this case is ever-present. Whether the application be hardening, grinding, milling or assembling – nothing works without compressed air. The grinding centres are the biggest consumers – each has its own air receiver. The work piece is shifted back and forth under the compressed air driven grinder to make it as flat as possible.

New compressors are all well and good – but can’t we make it a bit quieter?

Capacities are fully utilised. Because some of the older compressors no longer met requirements, they needed to be replaced with new equipment. But a number of critics voiced their concerns. Would new, even more powerful machines create even more noise than the old machines?

These fears were quickly allayed however by the super-silent performance of the Kaeser machines. In fact, the background noise from the adjacent factory workshops is significantly louder than the barely audible Kaeser compressors. The new machines, controlled by a SIGMA AIR MANAGER for maximum energy efficiency, supply the compressed air as quietly as possible. The new compressed air station is situated right beside the hardening shop. Three ASK 47-T Kaeser rotary screw compressors with integrated energy-saving refrigeration dryers deliver compressed air to the facility.

SIGMA AIR UTILITY Contracting – a clever benefits package.

The SIGMA AIR UTILITY contracting agreement from Kaeser offers customers several advantages: They pay only for the compressed air that they use. There are no investment costs, no compressed air systems have to be declared as assets on the balance sheet and the compressed air costs can be immediately claimed back as operating expenses. And there’s another advantage: the company does not have to assign any of its own personnel to operation or maintenance tasks. Kaeser also works continuously to ensure that your systems continue to work as efficiently and reliably as possible. A continuous process.