Compressed air from Kaeser Kompressoren for the Ammerland diary
Ammerland Dairy

The Crème de la Crème Quality compressed air for the dairy industry

Made in Germany compressed air. Ammerland Dairy expands with heat recovery technology from KAESER.

The Ammerland Dairy in Dringenburg, Oldenburg, is run exclusively by local farmers as a cooperative. It's a traditional dairy in a rural area that has kept pace with changing times to grow into a modern company whose growth continues unabated.

In 2013, the dairy's own fleet of 90 tanker trucks collected some 1.4 million tonnes of milk from dairy farmers in the region and delivered it to the dairy – an increase of 7.3 percent over 2012. All figures show an unbroken upward trend.

Whilst this is a good reason to celebrate, the dairy must continue to grow to meet increasing demand – otherwise production bottlenecks might occur. And the dairy needs to grow quickly.

We require a reliable supply of quality compressed air that meets stringent health regulations.

To accommodate increasing production, the building complex is being expanded and enlarged. Along with it, compressed air demand for cheese and butter production is also rising. The production lines for the various types of cheese never stop – and they require large quantities of control air, which must be delivered with maximum reliability and at consistently high quality. Another challenge faced by the dairy is to meet the stringent requirements that

Compressed air from Kaeser Kompressoren for the strictest foodstuff hygiene regulations
govern the food production industry.
Energy savings beyond expectations

Large volumes of warm water are required for cheese production: for instance, in the production of semi-soft cheeses it’s used for curd washing to achieve a homogeneous consistency. Furthermore, water vapour arising during the milk concentration process condenses into distilled water and is used for cleaning purposes. An excellent opportunity for KAESER to put its expertise in heat recovery from compressor exhaust air to the test!

The new KAESER system has been installed and delivers exceptional performance

Compressors, dryers and filters are now housed in a new, expansive station, which features two “dry-running” compressors, one DSG 220 and one FSG 420, along with TH 451 series refrigeration dryers. The compressed air dryers and filters ensure compliance with the stringent food standards. And the heat recovery system for process water runs perfectly.

Oil-free screw compressor at Ammerland.
Installed on site: DSG 220 and FSG 420 “dry-running” compressors and TH 451 refrigeration dryers.
Enthusiastic praise from Ammerland's technical director

Ralf Leffers, technical director at the dairy, is more than impressed with the performance and energy-efficiency of the new compressed air supply system. “The decision to purchase KAESER equipment was absolutely right,” Leffers said. Yet this decision was not solely based on KAESER's skill and expertise. Leffers also highlighted that the “Made in Germany” factor, as something only a company based in Germany can offer, also influenced the decision to choose KAESER KOMPRESSOREN – for the management board as a whole, as well as for himself personally.

The decision to purchase Kaeser equipment was absolutely right.
Ralf Leffers, Molkerei Ammerland

The Ammerland Dairy is perfectly equipped to accommodate yet further growth. Construction of a new cheese production line and investments aimed at expanding the whey business point to further growth in the future! Whatever the future holds in store, those in charge at the Ammerland dairy have total peace of mind when it comes to their compressed air supply system.

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